Kiss the Girls: A Title Tease of the Highest Order

Hello there, cinephiles and neophytes alike, Ervin E. Lederson III comin’ at ya with another cinematic deep dive. Today we’re delving into the whirlpool that is 1997’s thriller “Kiss the Girls,” a movie that, by title alone, could make a man’s heart flutter in anticipation.

Now, if the title misled you into thinking this movie was some kind of salacious romp, well, you’re not alone. I too was looking forward to a feast of visual delight that the title seemed to insinuate. Oh, how quickly dreams are dashed.

Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman lead this tale, and they do it with aplomb. The tension is palpable, the mystery is riveting, but the title? Downright bamboozling! I spent a good portion of the film waiting for the unveiling, the grande dénouement, where the title makes sense, but alas, my dear readers, that moment never comes.

Yes, the story is about a serial kidnapper and the hunt to bring him down, a tale fraught with suspense and intrigue. But the absence of any scene reflecting the movie title left me feeling like I was served a steak dinner without the steak. Judd’s performance is undoubtedly superb, but her dressing room must’ve been padlocked shut because we never got a glimpse of anything that might’ve justified the title.

Now, if we put my disappointment aside for a moment, let’s talk about the other aspects of the film. The plot twists and turns, like a ferret down a drainpipe, keeping the audience on their toes. Freeman and Judd exhibit a formidable on-screen chemistry that keeps the narrative flowing. So, if you’re into thrillers, this one might just be your cup of sweet tea.

However, for those seeking a bit more skin in the game (pun intended), you might be left holding an empty bag. For misleading me with the title, I’ve got no choice but to dock some points. With that said, I’d rate “Kiss the Girls” a 2 out of 5 Sweet Maui Onions. But remember, folks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you’ll find something more in it than I did. Until next time.

Truly Yours,


Ervin E. Lederson |||